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QoS and Traffic Management in IP and ATM Networks

QoS and Traffic Management in IP and ATM Networks

David E. McDysan

One-stop solution to frustrating network traffic jams.

Is booming traffic going to bind the Internet and intranets in gridlock? You can bet on it! Fortunately, there are ways to keep data, voice and video flowing.

Using real-life anecdotes and examples, QOS and Traffic Management in IP and ATM Networks, by David McDysan, takes you step-by-step through traffic management principles and applications. You're shown how congestion is created and how to avoid, react, and relieve it to keep traffic moving on the LAN, WAN and Internet. You get a thorough review of routing protocols and how to address capacity requirements and QoS. Mathematical models of service... basic and advanced queuing theory... how to analyze congestion... and network modeling concepts are clearly explained, with easy-to-use, cookbook-style formulas.

Coverage includes a useful and timely discussion of how to make convergence work in an IP or ATM network, plus the new traffic management techniques that will be used in the Internet backbone of the 21st century.

Объём: 480 стр.
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Companies; ?????? ???????, 1999
ISBN: 0-07134-959-6


CTI Solutions and Systems: How to Put Computer Telephony Integration to Work

CTI Solutions and Systems: How to Put Computer Telephony Integration to Work

Michael Bayer

How can businesses sort out all the new products and services available from cable, telephone, and Internet providers-and begin profiting from them? This guide has the answers. It covers the essential standards and components of computer telephony integration (CTI), demystifying the jargon and supplying much-needed practical advice for organizations of all sizes. Written by the pioneer who authored the 2,500-page technical specifications for CTI, this book shows information systems professionals and general decision-makers how to use CTI to save time, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Detailed case studies demonstrate CTI solutions for call center automation, sales force automation, workflow automation, personal productivity, call screening, and much more.

From the Back Cover
Join the CTI Recolution! CTI Solutions and Systems: How to Put Computer Telephony Integration to Work is the definitive introduction to the concepts, technologies, and standards that allow the easy integration of computers and telephone systems. The book is indispensable to anyone interested in putting CTI to work in their home or business, or implementing CTI CTI solutions or products. All the telephone concepts and terminology you need to master CTI are explained and thoroughly illustrated. No prior knowledge of telephone is assumed, and those with a telephone background will find this book's review of telephony from a universal perspective to be invaluable. CTI Solutions and Systems: Presents a series of complete CTI solution scenarios where CTI technology is applied to improve business and day-to-day life; Provides a framework for understanding any telephony product, feature, or service and its implementation; Explains CTI concepts and illustrates the broad range of CTI hardware and software configurations that can be assembled; Covers all the latest standards, including the Versit CTI Encyclopedia, Microsoft TPI, and the Macintosh Telephone Manager.

Объём: 566 стр.
Издательство: McGraw-Hill (TX), 1997
ISBN: 0-07006-153-X


ATM, Volume II Signaling in Broadband Networks

ATM, Volume II Signaling in Broadband Networks

Uyless Black

The complete guide to broadband signaling.

As ATM systems grow in sophistication, so do their associated signaling technologies. This comprehensive volume covers all aspects of the signaling procedures in use for broadband networks.

Detailed coverage includes a full survey of the identifiers used to recognize users and traffic, as well as the machines that manage the traffic. Signaling is discussed at all levels, including user-to-network and network-to-network interfaces, with full descriptions of call and connection control operations. Interfaces and mapping between the various systems are described, along with parameters for messaging and a full catalog of typical error codes.

Signaling in Broadband Networks starts out with an overview of the main architectures:

  • ATM and its layers.
  • SS7 (Signaling System Number 7).
  • ISDN and B-ISDN.

Further chapters cover:

  • Addressing and Identifiers (Labels, SAPs, and PDUs).
  • SAAL, SSCOP, and SSCF.
  • Q.2931.
  • B-ISUP.
  • PNNI.

Объём: 191 стр.
Издательство: Prentice Hall; ?????? ???????, 1997
ISBN: 0-13571-837-6


Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

Edwin S. Grosvenor, Morgan Wesson

Great inventors tend to become so closely identified with their most famous invention that their very lives become obscured. As this terse, admiring assessment of Bell's (1847 – 1922) life makes clear, the telephone – his greatest accomplishment and a leading invention of the 19th century--represented only one element in his long and restless career. He also devised the first practical phonograph and did important work on aviation in its infancy. This shy, amiable man also headed the National Geographic Society, was an outspoken proponent of civil rights, and worried publicly about the impact of technology on the environment. Grosvenor, Bell's great-grandson, and Wesson, a documentary filmmaker, offer a useful overview of Bell's professional achievements, succinct descriptions of his ideas, and a lively account of the telephone's impact on American society. The 405 illustrations (35 in color) offer a fascinating view of Bell's high-spirited family life and circle of friends, and of the early years of the telephone business. An effective marriage of text and photographs, and a succinct portrait of a decent man and a remarkable scientist.

Объём: 304 стр.
Издательство: Harry N Abrams, 1997
ISBN: 0-81094-005-1


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