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QOS In Wide Area Networks

QOS In Wide Area Networks

Uyless Black

Discusses how QOS works and why it is crucial to networks that must deliver integrated voice, data, and video traffic. Covers implementation in IP, ATM, and frame relay environments, leveraging QOS capabilities built into IPv4 and IPv6, mastering the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), RealTime Transport Protocol (RTP), and DiffServ, and Layer 4 QOS-capable devices.

This book is one in a series of books called, "Emerging Communications Technologies." As the name of the book implies, the focus is on how wide area networks are being deployed to support different levels of service (quality of service, or QOS) to their curstomers.

The subject matter of this book is vast and my approach is to provide a system view of the topic. In consonance with the intent of this series, this general survey also has considerable detail, but not to the level of detail needed to design a QOS-based network. For that, I leave you to your project team and the various specifications that establish the standards for QOS operations.

This book is considered to be at an intermediate-to-advanced level. As such, it assumes the reader has a background in voice and data communications, Frame Relay, ATM, and the Internet protocol suite.

Объём: 343 стр.
Издательство: Pearson Education; ?????? ???????, 2000
ISBN: 0-13026-497-0


MPLS: Technology and Applications (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)

MPLS: Technology and Applications (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)

Bruce S. Davie, Yakov Rekhter

A detailed analysis and practical guide to Multiprotocol Label Switching, MPLS: Technology and Applications does a good job of explaining why you'd want to deploy MPLS on your network, before it gives you the details on how to go about the task. The authors, two senior Cisco Systems engineers who are involved directly in the development of MPLS standards and equipment, explain the problems that are inherent in providing IP routing service over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) links, and show how MPLS does its job. Also, they helpfully discuss emerging ways of providing Virtual Private Network (VPN) services with MPLS. Throughout, the focus is on minimizing network traffic, optimizing routing, and generally using the MPLS toolkit to solve otherwise difficult networking problems. This is a book as much about traffic engineering as any specific technology.

Coverage suffers a bit from a shortage of flow charts, state diagrams, and conceptual drawings. Readers are expected to decode some very long, very dense passages of text without assistance. On the other hand, they are assumed also to know relatively little. MPLS concepts that are probably new to most readers are explained carefully and connected to more familiar internetworking terms and concepts. This book deals with MPLS comprehensively, adequately preparing the network administrator to implement better traffic management.

Topics covered: Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), treated comprehensively, both IP-switching and tag-switching approaches to label switching, and the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP). Quality of Service (QoS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) coverage give the book some practical flavor.

Объём: 300 стр.
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann; ?????? ???????, 2000
ISBN: 1-55860-656-4


Computer Telephony Encyclopedia

Computer Telephony Encyclopedia

Richard Grigonis

If you want to grasp the full length and breadth of the rapidly developing computer telephony field, this book is the place to start. Author Richard Grigonis thoroughly explains even the most abstruse ideas in a concise manner that is aimed at all kinds of readers -- students, business executives, telecom managers, call center supervisors or entrepreneurial developers. Each encyclopedia entry is both an adroit explanation of computer telephony technology and a buyer's guide-like discussion of real-world products based upon technology currently available for business and residential communications solutions.

Get up to speed on hundreds of computer telephony topics with thorough, practical and straightforward explanations that include usage and how the subject relates to other technologies.

Объём: 563 стр.
Издательство: CMP Books, 2000
ISBN: 1-57820-045-8


IP Telephony: Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems

IP Telephony: Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems

Olivier Hersent, Jean-Pierre Petit

Internet Telephony is now one of the most important and fastest growing technologies on the Internet, providing a viable technical and economical alternative to current telecommunication networks. Network providers and major companies are thus investigating how this emerging technology can be implemented, and at what cost and savings, in their organizations.

This book provides a comprehensive practical overview of the technology behind Internet Telephony, giving essential information to IT professionals who need to understand the background and explore the issues involved in migrating the existing telephony infrastructure to an IP based real time communication service. Assuming a working knowledge of IP and ISDN networking, it addresses the technical aspects of real-time applications over IP, with an in-depth coverage of voice and video applications and protocols. Drawing on their extensive research and practical development experience in VoIP from its earliest stages, the authors give you access to all the relevant standards and cutting-edge techniques in a single resource.

IP Telephony is organized into three clearly structured sections, focusing on protocols, voice technology and networks with a step-by-step approach. The protocols section sets IP telephony in context and then covers H.323, SIP and MGCP in detail, examining in turn their pros and cons, and using examples of particular cases and scenarios. The voice technology section describes voice quality, including the ETSI TIPHON approach, and voice coding, with summary comments on the applicability to VoIP telephone gateways. The final section on networks addresses Quality of Service (QoS) issues, explores dimensioning a VoIP network, and introduces Multicast routing, including a perspective on security and MBONE applications.


  • detailed, up-to-date coverage of voice and video applications and emerging protocol standards:H.323, SIP, MGCP
  • practical strategies on how to plan and dimension a VoIP network
  • key points to look for in choosing a VoIP product & how to avoid common pitfalls in implementation
  • examples and illustrations of standards and techniques including feedback information on issues discussed at standards meetings
  • details of QoS issues, Intserv (RSVP), DiffServ, RTP, SDF, companion standards, multimedia coding standards and coding algorithms

Объём: 456 стр.
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional; ?????? ???????, 1999
ISBN: 0-20161-910-5


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