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Voice over 802.11

Voice over 802.11

Frank Ohrtman

Wi-Fi can further enhance your organizations productivity and savings by increasing portability and eliminating charges for PBX maintenance and for wire-line and cellular phone service. However, concerns about the QoS of Wi-Fi and VoIP prevent many organizations from realizing the full savings and productivity improvements that Wi-Fi can deliver. This guide to deploying Wi-Fi telephony helps you overcome these concerns by showing in detail how to engineer each component of Wi-Fi for reliable, high- quality voice transmission.

This informative reference reveals how Voice over Wi-Fi is a scalable, secure networking solution that supports todays demanding application needs. The book explains the ins and outs of the 802.11 standard, Softswitch architecture and applications, and related transport network technology so you can deploy full-featured Wi-Fi that has optimum range and signaling. You also learn the economics of 802.11 and Softswitch so you can measure the cost savings and return on investment of deploying Wi-Fi.

Объём: 280 стр.
Издательство: Artech House Publishers, 2004
ISBN: 1-58053-677-8


Ethereal Packet Sniffing

Ethereal Packet Sniffing

Angela Orebaugh, Greg Morris, Ed Warnicke, Gilbert Ramirez

This book provides system administrators with all of the information as well as software they need to run Ethereal Protocol Analyzer on their networks. There are currently no other books published on Ethereal, so this book will begin with chapters covering the installation and configuration of Ethereal. From there the book quickly moves into more advanced topics such as optimizing Ethereal's performance and analyzing data output by Ethereal.

Ethereal is an extremely powerful and complex product, capable of analyzing over 350 different network protocols. As such, this book also provides readers with an overview of the most common network protocols used, as well as analysis of Ethereal reports on the various protocols. The last part of the book provides readers with advanced information on using reports generated by Ethereal to both fix security holes and optimize network performance.

  • Provides insider information on how to optimize performance of Ethereal on enterprise networks.
  • Book comes with a CD containing Ethereal, Tethereal, Nessus, Snort, ACID, Barnyard, and more!
  • Includes coverage of popular command-line version, Tethereal.

Объём: 496 стр.
Издательство: Syngress; ?????? ???????, 2004
ISBN: 1-93226-682-8


The IMS: IP Multimedia Concepts and Services in the Mobile Domain

The IMS: IP Multimedia Concepts and Services in the Mobile Domain

Miikka Poikselka, Georg Mayer, Hisham Khartabil, Aki Niemi

We have telephony to talk to each other, messaging to dispatch mail or instant messages, browsing to read published content and search engines to locate content sites. However, current mobile networks do not provide the possibility for one application rich terminal to communicate with another in a peer-to-peer session beyond voice calls. Mobile telephony with the current technology has been hugely successful and shows that there is immense value in communicating with peers while being mobile, and with increasingly available smarter multimedia terminals the communication experience will be something more than just exchanging voice. Those multimedia terminals need IP multimedia networks. Hence, the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has developed a standard for SIP based IP multimedia service machinery known as 'The IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)' and this informative book explains everything you need to know about it.

  • Presents the architecture and functionality of logical elements of IMS and their interfaces providing detailed description of how elements are connected, what protocols are used and how they are used.
  • Explains how the optimisation and security of the mobile communication environment has been designed in the form of user authentication and authorisation based on mobile identities.
  • Illustrates how optimisation at the radio interface is achieved using specific rules at the user to network interface. This includes signalling compression mechanisms as well as security and policy control mechanisms, allowing radio loss and recovery detection.
  • Addresses important aspects from an operator's point of view while developing architecture such as charging framework, policy and service control.
  • Describes many services on top of IMS in detail, including voice, presence, messaging and conferencing.

Written in a manner that allows readers to choose the level of knowledge and understanding they need to gain about the IMS, this volume will have instant appeal to a wide audience ranging from marketing managers, research and development engineers, network engineers, developers, test engineers to university students.

Объём: 448 стр.
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons, 2004
ISBN: 0-47087-113-X


WiMax Operator's Manual: Building 802.16 Wireless Networks

WiMax Operator's Manual: Building 802.16 Wireless Networks

Daniel Sweeney

If you are a primary decision-maker about the design and implementation of an 802.16-based wireless public network, then this is the book for you! This manual steers you on architecting and operating a network with wireless, "last mile" access. This thorough book discusses all layers of the network, as well as management and administration.

Author Daniel Sweeney explains planning, construction, and day-to-day operations of a standards-based broadband network. He discusses the many advantages of broadband wireless, and summarizes its unique difficulties, challenges, and limitations. After reading, you will possess a skill set for successfully planning and managing networks.

Объём: 256 стр.
Издательство: Apress, 2004
ISBN: 1-59059-357-X


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